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How can I get involved at SCBC?
We're glad you asked!
Below is a list of women's ministry opportunities offered at SCBC with brief descriptions and contact individuals of each area.
We'd love to hear from you!
Bible Studies
Oversees women's bible studies.
Contact: Chela Armstrong

Welcoming Committee
Reaches out to new women in the church.
Contact: Christina Kirkley

Oversees kitchen supplies and upkeep. Helps ensure kitchen is ready for church events.
Contact: Tracy Forth
Kindred Spirits
Visits and corresponds with widows and shut-ins. Also extending to nursing home visits.
Contact: Rena Barbieri
Provides decorations for women's events and special church wide functions.
Contact: Pauline Roth and Christina Kirkley
Saturday Morning Specials
Helps plan and coordinate Saturday morning special events (brunch, missionary speakers, etc.)
Contact: Michele Meyer
Funeral Needs
Contact families and coordinates funeral luncheons.
Contact: Joyce Robinson

Missionary Closet
Maintains and updates inventory and makes available to visiting missionaries.
Contact: Cindy Sanderson and Debbie Nothum
Helps plan and coordinate the annual women's retreat.
Contact: Christy Mathews

Coordinate the quarterly newsletter
Contact: Heather Kaufman

Health and Wellness
Organizes wellness events, such as workout classes etc.
Contact: Christine Vandyke

Bridal and Baby Showers
Ensures bridal and baby showers for women in the church are scheduled and works with team to coordinate them.
Contact: Jordan Petty
Creates and maintains nursery schedule for Sunday services and special events.
Contact: Christina Hudson and Debbie Nothum
Pastoral Care
Maintains signup sheet and sends reminders for those volunteering to express pastor appreciation
Contact: Jan Rill and Cindy Sanderson
Special Needs
Coordinates meals for those who are sick, had a baby, etc.
Contact: Alicia Demoss

Coordinates communication with missionaries and updates missionary bulletin board
Contact: Rena Barbieri
Single Ladies Fellowship
Coordinates single ladies events and newsletter.
Contact: Rena Barbieri