South County Bible Church is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ both locally and around the globe. We are committed to supporting the following families on a financial basis as an extension of South County Bible Church. Would you commit to praying for these families as they serve our Savior?
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Brady and Candy Farr
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Brady and Candy serve in Johannesburg, South Africa with Biblical Ministries Worldwide.
The primary focus of their ministry is in church planting and education. They also work with an orphanage.
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Matt and Tracy Kellerman
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Matt and Tracy serve stateside as maintenance staff at the Doe River Gorge Camp and Retreat Center in Elizabethton, TN.
We are proud to be the sending church for this missionary family.
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James and Patty Love
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The Loves serve as missionaries in Brandon, England with Biblical Ministries Worldwide.
The have a diverse ministry which reaches into their community with the gospel of Christ through small churches, bible studies and photography clubs.
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David and Brenda Meyer
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David and Brenda serve with Crossworld in Ecuador.
They are stationed in the town of Cayambe and the primary focus of their ministry is church planting.
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Don and Zoe Peffer
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The Peffers serve as missionaries in Brazil with Crossworld.
The focus of their ministry is Church Planting, Discipleship and Camping ministry.
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Al and Chris Ross
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Al and Chris serve in the South Eastern quadrant of Michigan with RBM Ministries.
The primary focus of their ministry involves working with school age children through release time Bible classes during the public school day and Vacation Bible Schools.
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Fran and Judy Schmidt
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Fran and Judy serve in the nation of Guatemala. Fran is involved as a theology professor at a local Christian University.
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Lee and Diane Whitworth
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Lee and Diane serve as church planters in Utah. Lee is currently the senior pastor at Payson Bible Church.
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