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We are extremely glad that you decided to visit. We would love the privilege to minister to you and worship along side of you. We know that God brings every person through our doors and we want you to know that we care about you.

We trust that when you visit, you will enjoy your time with us and would consider making SCBC your church home. Here at SCBC our purpose “is to be authentic followers of Jesus Christ who glorify God by growing in knowledge and intimacy with Him and sharing that relationship with other people every day.”

We hope you also have this same purpose in life and find SCBC a place where you can be equipped and challenged to fulfill that God-given purpose.

We have several ministries for various age groups and are committed to providing a family atmosphere where believers can grow, learn and become connected. Each of our ministries is Bible-centered as we believe the Word of God is the ultimate source of Truth and guidance for navigating the rough waters of life today.

We look forward to seeing you and will be praying God would direct you to His choice of a church family!